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The champions of literacy, librarians work hard to promote free access to different sources of knowledge. They are heroes of the written word, and as such, it comes as no surprise that there are so many wonderful blogs on the web written by librarians. If you are thinking of a career in this exciting and rewarding field, make sure to check out our careers page. In the meantime, is proud to present the Top Blogs and Websites for Librarians.


Connie Crosby This is the blog of a Canadian law librarian, "info diva," and consultant. Here you'll find information about information management and social media. Recent posts include Info Tech Start-Ups Features at SLA Toronto Event, Are You Using Plaxo? How to Delete Your Account, and Innovative Ideas: Virtual Stores and the Possibility of Public Libraries.


Free Range Librarian This is "K.G. Schneider’s blog on librarianship, writing, and everything else." Check out recent posts Between an ebook and a Hard Place, Neologists Unite, and iPad Junky.


Walt at Random Walt is a semi-retired library writer, researcher, and more who is providing "the library voice of the radical middle." Some recent posts include Dear Lexmark, Closing the Digital Frontier, and Looking Back: hypePad and Buzzkill. This blog claims to have been "putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999." Find discussions about politics, reviews of books, and analysis of current trends in library science. Recent posts include "toread: Book-ish Territory: A Manual of Alternative Library Tactics", Let's Be Honest about the ebook Situation, and Getting Serious about SOPA - What Librarians Need to Do.


 The Krafty Librarian The Krafty Librarian Michelle Kraft writes about library science and other items of interest to medical librarians (and librarians in general). Check out recent posts More on MLA's Advocacy Efforts, Harrison's Through Inkling vs. AccessMedicine, and e-Books: Why Bother.


The Other Librarian Ryan Deschamps is an e-learning manager at a Canadian library, and he blogs about technology and library science, among other topics. Recent posts include Make No Mistake: Taxes are an Evil, However Necessary, Library Research that Matters, and Movers and Shakers and Purlers and Shapers.


Law Librarian Blog Find a collection of news and recent scholarship from all fields of law on this librarian blog. Check out recent posts New Wave of Placement Data Class Action Lawsuits Coming Soon: 20 More Law Schools Targeted, What Business Practices Do You Find Especially Harmful to Law Libraries? AALL Consumer Advocacy Caucus Calls for Member Input, and The Web Owns You, Continued.


A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette Get information here about how to be a "good librarian." Become part of a conversation about the day-to-day life of a librarian. Some recent posts include Boredom, Alleviating, Theft, Preventing, and E-Books, Reading.


The Travelin' Librarian Find information here about library science, political issues related to librarians, and more. Recent posts include Defend Our Freedom to Share (Or Why SOPA is a Bad Idea), Cory Doctorow: The Coming War on General Computation, and The Most Interesting Talk about Piracy I've Heard in Years.


Academic Librarian The author of this blog is the philosophy and religion library at Princeton University, and posts discuss "libraries, rhetoric, poetry, history, and moral philosophy." Check out recent posts Libraries and the Lectosystem, Libraries and the Commodification of Culture, and Good Citizens and the Historic Spend.


Awful Library Books This fun blog presents to you the worst of the worst library books, or a "collection of library holdings that we find amusing and maybe questionable for libraries trying to maintain a current and relevant collection." Check out Child Abuse Help, Even More Soapy Fun, and Every 28 Days...


The 'M' Word Librarians can learn the best marketing trends and ideas to promote what they do from this blog. Recent posts include How NOT to Do PR, Time to Show Off Your Amazing Promotional Materials, and Authors on Why Libraries Matter.


Everybody's Libraries This blog is founded on the premise that libraries should be a collective undertaking, evolving based on group needs. These are "libraries for everybody, by everybody, shared with everybody, about everything." Recent posts include Public Domain Day 2012: Five Things We Can Do in the U.S., Libraries: Be Careful What Your Websites 'Like', and A Digital Public Library We Still Need, and Could Use Now.


The Best of PubLib Here you'll find the best selections from the public listserve PubLib, which includes all types of libraries and support staff. Some recent posts include Saggy Pants and PubLib Favorite Books 2011.


 Disruptive Library Technology Jester Disruptive Library Technology Jester This blog explores questions about changes to library science and information technology. Some recent posts include The Best of the 'SOPA Blackout', Disruption in Publishing, and Whatever Happened to Google Knowls?


Library History Buff Blog The mission of this blog is "promoting the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of our library heritage." Check out recent posts World's Smallest Presidential Library? Samuel Swett Green, Father of Library Reference Work, and Matchbook Librariana.


 Library Garden Library Garden The author of this blog explains, " Library Garden has been conceived as an ongoing conversation among librarians with differing perspectives (public, academic, consortial, state, youth, LIS) but one shared goal: ensuring the health and relevance of libraries." Some recent posts include What's Happening? The Story of My Twitter Evolution... and Officially Weighing in on QandANJ.


 Hey Jude Hey Jude Judy O'Connell is a writer, speaker, and consultant on school technology and library issues, and her blog fosters a discussion on continuing education and social networking in these fields. Check out recent posts Stepping into School Librarianship..., A Day in the Future - The Vision and the Story, and Ten Meta-Trends Impacting Learning.


Laika's MedLibLog Jacqueline is a medical librarian, and her blog explores the web 2.0 world as it relates to library science and beyond. Recent posts include Friday Foolery #48 Brilliant Library Notices, Jeffrey Beall's List of Predatory Open-Access Publishers, 2012 Edition, and Things to Keep in Mind When Searching OVID MEDLINE Instead of PubMed.


Librarian in Black The librarian in black is the director of a public library, and is "amazingly informed and therefore properly opinionated." Her blog focuses on library web and digital services. Check out recent posts Dear OverDrive: Did You *Actually* Listen to Us? Notice to Publishers: Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal, and Ms. Librarian Goes to Washington.


Tame the Web Michael Stephens is an assistant professor at a school of library and information science, and his blog discusses libraries and technology. Recent posts include Thanks Evansville Vandergurgh Public Library, Battles and Wars, and Question of the Moment - Nicest Thing.


Tales of One City This blog of Edinburgh City libraries shares news and events about those libraries, and discusses other topics of interest. Some recent posts include Insert Concept *Here*, How to Cut Your Energy Bills, and The Future of Libraries in Edinburgh.


Rambling Librarian Here you'll find the "incidental thoughts of a Singapore liblogarian." Posts discuss library-related issues, technology, and some other topics. Recent posts include Dealing with Negative Comments in Social Media, Goes Creative Commons, and What Has Kept Me Busy, Work Wise.


Information Wants to Be Free Posts here offer the thoughts of a " A librarian, writer and educator reflecting on the profession and the tools we use to serve our patrons." Some recent posts include Classic Blunder #2 - Assuming Resistance is a Bad Thing, The Elusive Dream of Work-Life Balance, and Lifting the Veil on My 'System'.


Librarians Matter Read about the work of librarians, emerging technologies, and related topics on this blog from an associate lecturer in information studies. Check out recent posts Getting the Most Out of an In-Person Professional Conference..., No Library Required: The Free and Easy Backwaters of Online Content Sharing, and Librarianly News from London.


ALA TechSource ALA TechSource is a unit of the publishing department at the American Library Association, and this blog talks about news and developments in the field of library science. Recent posts include Continuing the Conversation: Taking Embedded Librarianship to the Next Level, "Continuing the Conversation: How to Go High-Tech on a Tight Budget", and Continuing the Conversation: 10 Steps to a User-Friendly Library Website.


 The Daring Librarian The Daring Librarian The daring librarian dares "to fight for transliteracy, librarians, and ed tech educators everywhere." Posts talk about topics related to library science and information technology. Recent posts include Google + Hangout with QR Codes, You've Got Game: Wii Learning, and 10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year.


 No Shelf Required No Shelf Required Here you'll find discussions about e-books, audio books, and other digital content found in libraries, as well as the technology required to access them. Recent posts include ebrary Releases Social Media Data from Global Student E-book Survey, Ingram's Vital Source E-Textbook Platform Available through Blackboard Learn, and Articles of Interest: Penguin, OverDrive and Libraries.


025.431: The Dewey Blog This blog talks about "everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal classification system but were afraid to ask." Recent posts include Expansions from DDC 22 to DDC 23, The World Wide Web and Special Purpose Computer Systems, and WebDewey 2.0 Enhancements.


Michael Zimmer Michael Zimmer is a professor in a School of Information Studies, and his blog shares discussions about information ethics, privacy, new media and more. There are also links to relevant studies, research, polls, and more.


Peter Scott's Library Blog Librarians can find news, research, and resources related to library and information science at this blog. Learn about new resources, the latest developments, and even legal action related to the field.


Blog Without a Library Amanda Etches-Johnson writes about "emerging tech, social media, web development, user experience, and what it all means for libraries" on this blog. Though she has recently announced that she will no longer be updating the blog, there is still plenty of great information in the archives. Check out On Trend and Picturing the Past 10 Years.


 Social Networking Librarian Social Networking Librarian Discussions here focus on how social networking and technologies are used in and by libraries. Recent posts include Top 10 Social Media and Libraries Predictions for 2012, Pinterest and Libraries, and Library Mobile Applications.


Library Clips Posts share reflections on libraries and information technology and create discussion about news and developments. Recent posts include Teams in Organisations Need Both Online Pages and Online Groups, Do You Get Recognised for Moonlighting in Your Organisation? and "Thoughts on Co-Creation: Are Your Employees Wearing Hard Hats?"


The Uncommon Commons Stacey Greenwell is a speaker on topics including library spaces and services, instructional design, and educational technology, and her blog explores these topics, as well. The blog is not updated regularly, but there are great posts in the archives. Check out 7 Things You Should Know about the Modern Learning Commons, SLA Academic Keeps Growing, and Hubbub 2011 Recap.


What I Learned Today... The author of this blog is a librarian, teacher, and open-source advocate. She shares tips for librarians, tutorials, reviews, resources, and more. Recent posts include Using Bugzilla to Report Bugs and Enhancements to the Koha ILS, Saving Koha Bibs to Refworks, and Importing Records into Koha 3.2.


The Kept-Up Academic Librarian Libraries can keep up with news and developments in the field of library and information science with this blog. There are discussions about the issues and links to relevant articles and scholarship. Posts also discuss higher education, in general. Recent posts include Community Colleges Have Many More At-Risk Students in Need of Support, University Administration Commits to Social Media to Reach Community, and Supreme Court's Decision on Alternative Action Could Radically Alter Higher Education.


ALSC Blog This is the official blog of the Association for Library Services to Children, "is a network of more than 4,000 children’s and youth librarians, children’s literature experts, publishers, education and library school faculty members, and other adults committed to improving and ensuring the future of the nation through exemplary library service to children, their families, and others who work with children." Some recent posts include The Wonder of Wonder, The Power of Eight Simple Words, and Dream Projects.


Copy This Blog Here you'll find "thoughts on copyright, libraries, academics, fans, anime, games…" -- an eclectic mix. There are also links to relevant stories in the news and scholarly research. Check out recent posts A Blow to Academic Freedom, More Copyright Myths, and Legal Circumvention.


Library Grits Dianne McKenzie is a teacher librarian working in Hong Kong, and she shares her thoughts on her work and her day-to-day experiences on her blog. The name of her blog comes from qualities that she sees that librarians have: "Courage, determination, backbone, daring, doggedness, fortitude, guts, hardihood, intestinal fortitude, mettle, moxie, nerve, perseverance, pluck, resolution, spine, spirit, spunk, steadfastness, tenacity, toughness, bravery and firmness." Some recent posts include Library Loving the Staff, Apple iBooks, and Staying Relevant.


Two Libraries One Voice Two elementary school librarians share their thoughts on the work they do and share their day-to-day experiences with the children and their colleagues. Some recent posts include "We Celebrated Bubble Gum Day!" We Are So Excited about World Read Aloud Day, and What a FUN Week Celebrating DOT Day!


Library Currants Carmel is a teacher librarian in Sydney who shares her love of learning and exploring new ideas on her blog. Check out recent posts Organising by Genre - The Process, Finding Fiction Fast, and Digital Litter.


The Unquiet Librarian Buffy Hamilton is a librarian at The Unquiet Library in Georgia. Her blog shares her musings on life as a school librarian. She also shares her recent scholarship and that of others in the field. Some recent posts include Transforming Information Literacy for Today’s K-12 Learners Through the Lenses of Transliteracy, Inquiry, and Participatory Learning, Share: Ken Robinson - Changing Education Paradigms, and In Honor of Valentine's Day: Love Thy Library.


 The Adventures of Library Girl The Adventures of Library Girl Library Girl is Jennifer LaGarde, a lead librarian and teacher librarian in North Carolina. On her blog, she "proves you don’t have to be super hero to teach Middle School, but having a cape sure helps." Some recent posts include Moving Forward: Creating Library Spaces and Programs that Support Content Area Reading, Reader's Advisory 2.01 - Collaborative Genre Prezis, and What Do You Stand For? Creating a Library Brand that Matters.


The Gypsy Librarian The gypsy librarian explains that this is "my blog to reflect about librarianship, my work, literacy, stuff I read, and a few other academic things. By the way, I read a lot of the LIS literature so you don't have to." Check out recent posts Article Note: On Progressive LGBTQ Reference, Reading Notes from Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership, and My Reading List for 2011.


Librarians Are Go Stacey works as a librarian in Sydney. Her blog shares her thoughts on life as a working librarian, developments in the field, and the professional activities of fellow librarians. Some recent posts include Creating a Senior Fiction Section, Starting Fresh, and A Year of Working Publicly.


Circulating Ideas This podcast shares interviews with librarians from around the world, offering insights into professional practices, developments, and the future of library science. Some recent posts include Episode Nine: Andy Woodworth, Episode Eight: Bobbi Newman, and Episode Seven: R. David Lankes.


 Dear Librarian Dear Librarian Ask this elementary librarian anything about technology, information literacy, resources, and books, or learn about these topics by reading her answers to other reader's questions. Check out recent posts What's an App? Who Is Korky Paul? and Who Is Winnie the Witch?


Librarian by Day Bobbi Newman offers insights into a day in the life of a librarian, shares tips and advice for other librarians, and offers commentary on news and other developments in the field of library and information science. Some recent posts include You're Invited! - This is What a Librarian Looks Like, "Mea Culpa on Penguin and Libraries and an Alternative to OverDrive", and How to Talk to Your Patrons about Penguin and Other Publishers Not Loaning eBooks to Libraries.


 In the Library with the Lead Pipe In the Library with the Lead Pipe Get a variety of perspectives from a team of librarians working across the country. Also included will be educators, administrators and support staff. The goal of this blog is "to help improve our communities, our libraries, and our professional organizations." Some recent posts include Snooki, Whale Sperm, and Google: The Unfortunate Extinction of Librarians When They are Needed Most, Consensus Decision-Making and Its Possibilities in Libraries, and Perspective and Doing Good Work.


Closed Stacks This collaborative blog from a group of librarians tries to "entertain, educate, and enlighten" about library and information science. Some recent posts include The Woes of the Part-Timer, How Can We Harness This? and Bad Library Board Members.


 Designing Better Libraries Designing Better Libraries Learn about "the application of design, innovation, and new media to create better libraries and user experiences" from this blog. Recent posts include Getting Things Off the Shelf - A Ten Point Checklist for Moving from Idea to Implementation, Exceeding Expectations Depends on What They Are, and Discovering Inspiration in the Retail Sector.


Libraries and Transliteracy "This blog is a group effort to share information about the all literacies (digital literacy, media literacy, information literacy, visual literacy, 21st century literacies, transliteracies and more) with special focus on all libraries. This topic is important to all types of libraries so we have authors from public, university, college and school libraries for a broad perspective." Recent posts include Transliteracy, Customer Service, and the Future of Reference, 'Multiple Literacies?' Who Really Talks Like That? and Digital Learning Day.


Concerned Librarians of British Columbia The goal of this blog and the group of advocates who write it is too raise awareness about current issues in the field of library and information science. The focus is on British Columbia, but librarians from around the world will find discussion here about issues relevant to them. Many posts link to information on other sites.


Library Juice Library Juice Read about the intersection of libraries, politics, and culture on this blog. Some recent posts include Facebook Abuse Standards Leaked, Robert Jensen's Forward to Prophets of the Fourth Estate, and On the 'Undue Weight' Rule in Wikipedia.


A Library Writer's Blog Librarians can search this blog for publishing and presentation opportunities to promote their research and advance their careers. Posts publish calls for papers, conference announcements, and more, rather than share discussions or analysis.


Virtual Dave ... Real Blog "Virtual Dave" Lankes is a professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, and his blog shares his thoughts about developments in the field of library science, news analysis, and more. Recent posts include Join the Conversation: School Librarians as Facilitators of Learning, Expect More: Our Most Important Conversation, and Beyond the Bullet Points: Expect More.


Musings about Librarianship Read about life as a librarian and find links to "interesting and cool ideas"  that might be useful for librarians. Recent posts include Using QR Codes to Trigger Actions in Native Phone Apps, Day in the Life of a Librarian - An Academic Librarian in Singapore 2012, and Is Wikipedia Really the Library's Competition?


From the Library Director's Desk Julie has been a library director for over 10 years. Her blog shares her experiences with a rapidly growing library district and the knowledge that she has acquired as a result. Recent posts include Publishers Curtail Sales of Ebooks to Libraries, Shift Happens, and 2012 Will Bring Changes but No Expansion.


Stephen's Lighthouse Stephen Abrams offers this blog as a means of "providing tips and techniques for strategic thinking and innovation in libraries. He has visited hundreds of libraries in many different countries and is uniquely positioned to spark ideas and insights to the listeners of this blog." Recent posts include Nearly 90% of the World Uses Mobile Phones, 2011 Global Student E-Book Survey, and Infographic: The Google Panda Update, One Year Later.


In Forming Thoughts Amy Buckland is the eScholarship, ePublishing & digitization coordinator at McGill University Library. Her blog shares these and other related interests. Some recent posts include The Internet is Ours, Libraryland and the 99%, and "A Letter to Libraryland Partners".


Information Literacy Weblog Librarians can find discussion here about their role in promoting information literacy, as well as recent news and developments in the field. Check out recent posts The Road to Information Literacy: Librarians as Facilitators of Learning, Information Literacy in LIS Curriculum, and Exploring the Information Literacy of Professionals in Safety Management.


 Planet Cataloging Planet Cataloging This blog aggregator offers the latest posts on cataloging and metadata. When you don't have time to follow all the best professional librarian blogs, just visit this blog for some of the top posts of the day.


Mod Librarian Modern librarians everywhere can find topics of interest here, including digitization, metadata, taxonomy, social media, marketing, user experience, and more. Check out recent posts Metadata and the Irrelevance of 'Cultural Gatekeepers', The Controlled Vocabulary, and Is Pinterest Crowdsourcing Data?


Library Bazaar This blog about libraries has a focus on digital justice and emerging technologies. Recent posts include Make, DARPA and the Line in the Sand, #2, Make, DARPA and the Line in the Sand, #1, and What is a Hacker? (with Puppets!).


Lauren's Library Blog This blog from the author of So You Want to be a Librarian is about "reading, thinking, and experimenting with the future of libraries, education, and information." Some recent posts include New eLearning Library Job, The Future of Education: The Horizon Project's Tenth Year, and Library Day in the Life Day 8.


Attempting Elegance Learn about the life and times of a librarian on this blog that mixes the personal with the professional. Check out recent posts On Weeding, A Thing at Which I Cannot Fail, and Come Work with Us.


Bilingual Librarian Bilingual librarian Stephanie Rocio Miles uses this blog to share articles and other items of interest to other librarians. The premise behind the blog is that everything that librarians learn -- on a wide range of topics -- can help them be better at their jobs. Some recent posts include Google's Political Trends Spotting, Visiting the Law Library of Congress, and SALALM Scholarship.


The Googlization of Everything Read this blog to learn about how Google has impacted the field of library science and to participate in discussion about trends in information science. Recent posts include Marketplace Tech Report: Is Everything Too Googlized? Please Redefine Your Search Terms - Inside Higher Ed, and Times Higher Education - The Googlization of Everything (and Why We Should Worry).


TeleRead Here you'll find news and views on e-books, libraries, publishing, and related topics. Recent posts include Amazon Price Bots Result in Unusually High- and Low-Priced Books, How Important is Linking to Scoop Breakers? and Paypal Cracks Down on Erotica e-Book Sales.


The Blah, Blah, Blah Blog Learn about initiatives from NEFLIN and find resources for continuing education and staying up-to-date on best practices in the field of library and information science. Recent posts include Assessment Basics for Library Instruction - New Class Added, Implementing eBooks into Your Library Webinar, and Transforming Information Literacy for Students K-12.


David Lee King Read about libraries, the social web, and emerging trends on this blog from the digital branch and services manager of a local public library. Recent posts include People are Human, Brands (and Corporations) Not So Much, Turn Your Blog Readers into Die-Hard Fans, and Social Media as Place.


 Swiss Army Librarian Swiss Army Librarian This blog subtitled "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fear and Loathing at a Public Library Reference Desk" offers a glimpse inside the life and times of a librarian. Read about one reference librarian's personal experiences, find links to funny or interesting resources, and participate in discussions about related news. Recent posts include Reference Question of the Week - 2/19/12, Librarians, What People Think We Do, and CCD Scanner at the Circulation Desk.


 Information Tyrannosaur Information Tyrannosaur "Information Tyrannosaur is the dino-mite site of Andy Burkhardt, librarian and emerging technology enthusiast," who blogs about "libraries, social media and connecting people and information." Check out recent posts Lazy Students and Change Resistant Colleagues, Expect Amazing Things, and Try It and See What Happens.


Hack Library School This group blog  by, for and about library school students shares thoughts on developments in the field of library science, useful resources, and more. Some recent posts include Data Sharing: Panacea or Can of Worms? Fast Library: Workflows, Apps, and a Thought on Efficiency, and "No, It's Pronounced 'Fronkensteen'".


The Society for Librarians Who Say "Motherfucker" Get a sassy and irreverent look at the world of the librarian from this blog, which is open to "librarians; library associates, specialists, technicians, and paraprofessionals of all kinds; library school students; library aides and volunteers; and all of those who love libraries, or even just love a particular librarian." Recent posts include Tech Illiterate, Library Students, and Books Stand Up, or Books Lie Down?


Library Law Blog Posts at this blog concern libraries and the law "with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues." Some recent posts include Update on a Legal Action against a Cultural Institution, May a Library Loan a Loaded eBook Reader? and Reader Privacy and eBooks in California.


Librarians Build Communities This is the blog of a program designed to prepare 45 students to be public librarians and provide them with expertise in community building. Learn about the project and the issues that are studied under its operation, including the role of libraries in communities. Recent posts include Libraries Leading Community, Community Centered: 23 Reasons Why Your Library is the Most Important Place in Town, and It Takes a Community to Bridge the Digital Divide.


 Lowrider Librarian Lowrider Librarian This blog explores the intersection of technology and pop culture with libraries. Recent posts include National Digital Ethnic Studies Library Now, Everyone is a Curator, and Using Social Media to Make the Case for Supporting Library Services.


The Original Warrior Librarian Read about new books, technology, pop culture, and -- occasionally -- life inside the library. Recent posts include School Library Humor 101 Revision, Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside..., and Just Finished Reading ... 'Seriously, I'm Kidding'.


 Cathy Nelson's Professional Thoughts Cathy Nelson's Professional Thoughts Cathy Nelson is a school library media specialist, and her blog aims "to offer helpful hints, tips, and tricks to teachers and library media specialists who are modeling the integration of technology in an authentic and ethical manner in the name of increasing student engagement." Recent posts include Oh Google, You are Just Too Much! One Tool at a Time: Pinterest, and Biggest Loser?


Mean Old Library Teacher The mean old library teacher is a high-school library teacher, and her blog shares reviews of books she's read and helpful links and resources. Recent posts include Sites to See, February Week 3, Cleopatra's Moon, by Vicky Alvear Shecter, and Elizabeth the Queen, by Sally Bedell Smith.


Castilleja School Library Read about new programs and initiatives at this public school library, and learn about some helpful resources. Recent posts include Did You Know? Learning and Growing, and Seniors Investigate Cancer Biology.


Connectivism George Siemens blogs about e-learning, instructional design and information science at this blog, which is of interest to librarians and educators. Some recent posts include Sensemaking Artifacts, Rhizomes and Networks, and Who Are MOOCs For? Confused Personal Thoughts.


Information Fluency Librarians and educators can find a lot useful information and discussions here about information literacy, research, and more. Recent posts include Information Filters Lead to Knowledge (for Some), The Next Generation Digital Book, and Why Kids Can't Search.


DIY Librarian Librarians can get useful information and tips here about developments in the field and other best practices. Recent posts include Do Creative Commons Licenses Work for Creators? What Is a Commercial Use? and How to Lead a Virtual Meeting.


The Librarian Edge Librarians and educators can participate in discussions here about developments in information science and the future of the field. Recent posts include OUT OF THE DRAFTS FOLDER: (2009) An Injection of Ideas on Library Design, The Disturbing Thought of the Unknown, or, What is Learning? Teaching? Education? and Building Digitally Literate Communities, or, What I Learned at IASL/SLAQ 2010.


Librarian This blog explores the idea that libraries are the future of culture and history. Check out recent posts What are Public Libraries? The Many Dimensions of Community, and Poverty, Social Exclusion, and the Potential of South African Public Libraries and Community Centres.


Union Librarian Here you'll find news about librarian union activity, as well as news about unions in general for librarians interested in learning more about them. Some recent posts include Bloomberg's Budget to Decimate Queens Public Library, Youngstown Librarians Ratify Contract, and Dial 1-800-Unionism is Not the Answer.


Wired Librarian Karen Kliegman is a library media specialist at an elementary school, and her blog talks about her experiences on the job, shares views about developments in the field, and more. Check out NBSLS Librarian of the Year Award, Shout It Off the Rooftop, and Gotta Love It.


Judge a Book by Its Cover Librarians see a lot of books -- some of them that aren't so great. Laugh (or cry) at a few of the worst as presented by a public librarian. Check out Skirts! It Must be a Phallic Phriday, Mammary Monday - Maughta Goes to the Bookstore, and Edward Invites Jacob and Friends to be in His Wedding Party.


Libraryman Libraries, community, technology, and Pez are the primary topics of this blog. Recent posts include Communities Need Libraries to Thrive, Can Your Library Provide the Electronic Content that People Want and Need? and Part 2 - On Professional Decisions Related to Hope and When to Stay or Go.


View from the Library Teacher librarians can participate in discussions here about life inside the library, developments in the field, and best practices. Some recent posts include Linking Up with Other Libraries, I Have a Second Life!?!? and Researching How to Research Research.


Banned Librarian " The banned librarian blog is for librarians who support social justice and activists who love their libraries." Recent posts include Revolutionary Voices 2.0: Toward a New Edition, Worker Safety and Worker Solidarity, and The Multiple Meanings of a Muse.


Jason the Content Librarian Jason Eiseman is the librarian for emerging technologies at the Yale Law School Library, and his blog shares his interests in libraries and all things web- and tech-related. Some recent posts include E-Book Lending Program from Internet Archive and Partner Libraries, I, for One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords, and A Defense of AALL (Sort Of).


 Filipino Librarian Filipino Librarian This blog is meant to provide information "for those interested in knowing more about the Philippines, Filipiniana, Philippine libraries, and Filipino librarians." Recent posts include Libraries' Licensure Examination 2011: Results, Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or Opportunity? and We Have the Most Awesome Library. EVER.


The Days and Nights of a Lipstick Librarian This is diary of a library fashionista, but you'll find more discussions about library work than fashion. Recent posts include The Real Movers & Shakers, AlternaCurrents, and Meet the New Whine....


Derivative Work Laura Quilter is a librarian, and her blog is "a reality-based, fantasy-influenced journal on information, autonomy and the world." Recent posts include Outing the Snoopers, OMG, Government Secrets Not Safe, and Public School and Religious Cultural Center Field Trip.


Librarian Avengers Erica Firment is a librarian and user experience designer for Second Life, and her blog hosts discussions about technology, literature, and libraries. Recent posts include "An Introvert's Guide to Writing", Tales from the Reference Desk, and Face Front, True Believers.


The Handheld Librarian Here you'll find "handheld computer news, ideas, and opinions from librarians and others interested in libraries." Most posts simply link to articles in the news related to these content areas.